Little Dipper Roller Coaster, Brooklyn, OhioThe City of Brooklyn is a suburb of Cleveland, situated on 4.29 square miles.  It is located just six miles southwest of Downtown Cleveland and less than fifteen minutes from Cleveland Hopkins Airport. As of the 2010 Census, the city had a population of 11,169.

Brooklyn is a standing First Suburbs Consortium and First Suburbs Development Council member. This organized regional approach to economic development is fostered by sixteen Cities in Cuyahoga County.  The cities work together to improve their services, promote commercial and industrial growth, foster retail opportunities, and all around implementation to enhance economic development and help to define strong and vibrant communities.

Photo: By Eddie~S - originally posted to Flickr as Little Dipper Roller Coaster, CC BY 2.0,

There are single and multi-family dwellings, commercial and industrial neighborhoods.  The City has modern public and parochial schools, and a variety of religious congregations available to residents.  Abundant shopping is nearby, with numerous major department and big box stores within an eight mile radius of Brooklyn.  The industrial neighborhoods are home to clean industries such as printing, metal processing, trucking, and warehousing. 

Brooklyn on the northernmost part of the Big Creek Reservation (Memphis/Tiedeman) in the Greater Cleveland Metroparks and a participant in the Big Creek Watershed Coalition.

The Brooklyn Recreation Department has an impressive array of activities and programs for citizens of all ages.  See the Brooklyn Recreation Department Presentation highlighting all the different facilities, parks, and programs offered.  There are also many programs for senior residents, including the very popular snow removal program. The City of Brooklyn Service Department cleans the driveways of senior citizens throughout the winter months for an annual fee of $40. There is also a Homebound meals program that supplies long term assistance with two meals a day to residents who are unable to cook for themselves.

Students living in Brooklyn attend Brooklyn City School District, an educational community that has approximately 1400 students and about 170 teachers, administrators, and classified staff, with administration, elementary, middle and high school all located in one campus.  Students are afforded opportunities to participate in a standards-based curriculum, a variety of athletic options, and a wonderful visual arts and musical program from kindergarten through twelfth grade. 

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